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Why NJ Businesses Are Switching to the NEC SL 1100 Phone System

By strengthening the integrity of your business with the NEC SL 1100, your employees will be more productive and responsive to customer needs simply because employees are more reachable. In addition, you'll benefit from the rich functionality of intuitive features integrated into the NEC SL 1100 that you typically see in larger, more complicated systems.

NEC SL1100 Phone Systems

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Phone Connection is Your New Jersey Source for NEC

Unique NEC Feature: Built-In Premise Alarm - After installing NEC SL 1100, you’ll discover a built-in feature interface that’s unique to the SL 1100. When connected to a third party PIR, this alarm sensor support plays a recorded warning message if intruders attempt a break-in. This message can be routed through the phone speaker or paging speakers when triggered by PIR sensors.

NEC SL 1100

Considered one of the best unified communications solutions available today, the NEC SL 1100 allows your business to reap the benefits of IP applications designed specifically to enhance productivity, revenue and performance rates. Immediately after installing the NEC SL 1100, you’ll enjoy:

  • Dramatically improved communication systems that are compatible with small business budgets
  • Increased productivity facilitated by superior home office/remote functionality
  • Reinforced customer service solutions that effortlessly boost customer satisfaction and retention
  • Simplified administration of system applications and features to make managing your NEC SL 1100 faster and easier

See What a NEC SL1100 Business Phone System Can Do for You

Use our convenient online contact form or give Phone Connection a call at 800-870-7230 today to start taking advantage of the SL 1100. We also install telephony systems so you don't have to worry about hiring technicians who are unfamiliar with the technology supporting the SL 1100.

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