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NEC Aspire Phone Systems from Phone Connection

NEC Aspire gives you the option to deploy VoIP technology, standard circuit-switched technology or a combination of both technologies smoothly integrated into one system.

NJ Businesses Can Depend on NEC Aspire Telephone Systems

By reinforcing your business communications system with the power and versatility of NEC Aspire, your New Jersey company can save money even if you’re not ready to adopt a full IP telephony system.
This means you can switch over to VoIP where and when you need it most.

NEC Aspire Phone Systems

Phone Connection can service your existing system

NEC Aspire and Peer-to-Peer Switching

With an NEC Aspire installation, your New Jersey business can ultimately save on current and future upgrade expenses to your networks. Aspire supports and functions in hybrid networks with analog/digital switching, IP/TDM switching or peer-to-peer switching. Although stations participating in calls connect directly with each other through an IP network, signals traveling through IP networks don’t have to cross switches like they do in standard telephony networks.

You'll also be able to keep utilizing your existing equipment even as you phase in IP telephony devices and establish foundations for future networks. Peer-to-peer connectivity enhanced by Aspire can further reduce your costs by maintaining only one network instead of multiple networks.

Versatility of NEC Aspire

Not only is NEC Aspire versatile, but you’ll also benefit from:

  • Caller ID logging
  • Built-in headset jack
  • Redial list
  • Remote programming/online programming
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Alarm notifications
  • Analog/digital stations and trunks
  • TAPI compatibility
  • Distributing processing/application processors
  • Automatic route selection/automatic call distribution

Let Phone Connection Install Your NEC Aspire Systems

At Phone Connection, we have maintained our position as a leading member of the telephony/VoIP industry since 1982 by providing state-of-the-art products, round-the-clock support and superior customer service. Our stellar reputation reflects our ongoing commitment to installing the latest VoIP technology for NJ businesses. Phone Connection also offers free consultations and quotes to determine how you can save the most money — while maintaining productive, streamlined business protocols.

About NEC Corporation, Maker of Aspire

Headquartered in Tokyo, NEC is a multinational provider of IT and network solutions. NEC is famous for its discovery of carbon nanotubes (single-walled) and advanced mobile phone technologies such as 3G support and dual screens. NEC consistently ranks as one of the top five companies worldwide, averaging over 1,700 patents each year.

Their Aspire telephony products are considered top-of-the-line communication devices that facilitate browser-based system programming and system maintenance that’s accessible over the Internet and on-site. This type of progressive programming also makes it easier to implement programming modifications that permit users to change speed dial settings, names and more without dispatching and paying for the services of a technician.

See What a NEC Aspire Business Phone System Can Do for You

Use our convenient online contact form or give Phone Connection a call at 800-870-7230 today to start taking advantage of NEC Aspire. We also install telephony systems so you don't have to worry about hiring technicians who are unfamiliar with the technology supporting NEC Aspire.

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