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 Phone Connection is your best source for business telephone systems installation and service in New Jersey, and it’s been that way since 1982! We specialize in Panasonic phone system products, carrying a complete selection of Panasonic smart desktop, executive desk and office desk phones, as well as phone equipment from other leading brands such as IPitomy and Avaya. Many of our phones are HD quality and include a wide range of technologically advanced features and applications.  

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Extensive Menu of Digital and VoIP Services for Offices 

Phone Connection also has more than a decade of experience in providing digital and VoIP services in New Jersey; we can offer a level of expertise that is unmatched in the region. We offer digital, VoIP and hosted IP voice services for offices that can save you the time, hassles – and cost – of having to manage VoIP on your own. We can also provide complete digital phone system service for companies that do not wish to make the transition to VoIP. Regardless of the type of phone system you prefer, you get the benefit of top-quality phone systems service that can meet the specific needs of your company, whether you operate a small business or a larger enterprise. Have you been wondering how a new telephone system can improve your business? Fill out our simple form to get more information!

We’re Your Telephone Systems Installation and Service Consultants in New Jersey 

At Phone Connection, we understand that the constantly evolving telephone system technology can make choosing the right telephone system a daunting task. Unlike some other phone system providers, we don’t try to push the “latest, greatest” products on our customers. Instead, we take the time to assess the specific phone system needs and budget considerations for each customer. We’ll then help you choose the ideal products and services that will meet your current and future requirements at a price you can afford. Our consultative approach has helped us build a large and loyal customer base over the years. 


kX - ut670Smart desktop phone

VoIP Telephone System

kX - ut248Executive desk phone

Digital Telephone Systems

kX - ut136Office desk phone

Digital Telephone Systems

kX- ut 123Office desk phone

Office Telephone System
  • Executives and Vertical markets
  • Certified for Broadsoft and Asterisk
  • Advanced touch-screen interface
  • 7-inch touch-screen display
  • General office users
  • Certified for Asterisk and Broadsoft
  • 4.4 inch monochrome lcd
  • Paper label free keys
  • Certified for Asterisk and Broadsoft.
  • 24 feature keys
  • 3-way conference call
  • XML Application interface
  • Certified for Asterisk and Broadsoft.
  • 24 feature keys
  • 3-way conference call
  • XML Application interface
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Other Value-Added Services Are Also Available 

We offer much more than effective and reliable phone systems installation and service in New Jersey. You can also count on us for state-of-the-art closed circuit television surveillance systems that can deter break-ins and help prevent employee theft. Additionally, we can provide complete voice, data and computer network cabling services for your business. 

Prompt, Professional and Courteous Service 

Another reason why so many New Jersey business owners select Phone Connection is our sincere commitment to customer service. You can always count on us to be prompt, courteous and professional, regardless of the size or scope of your company. 

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